Become a better batter with Strike-Spot.  Strike-Spot is a brand new coaching aid developed and made in the UK to help cricket batters enhance their skills, improve their shots, and score more runs.

It’s a fine line

Batters deal in fine margins.  Now, with Strike-Spot, any contact with a leather cricket ball or bowling machine ball will always make an imprint on the ingenious smart sticker, enabling any player to make changes to improving their shot execution.  Use Strike-Spot to find the middle more often.

Fits any bat

Strike-Spot fits to any cricket bat from size 5 upwards.  Using our innovative smart sticker, a player receives instant feedback on exactly where the ball struck the cricket bat.

Our website includes helpful coaching notes – based on the shots you’re trying to hit. With  the outcomes visible on your Strike-Spot, you can make adjustments as you go – and find the middle more often.

Ideal stocking filler

Strike-Spot is the ideal Christmas Stocking Filler.  Whether you’re looking to gain confidence before joining a club, are dusting off your cricket whites, or you’re a player who simply wants instant shot feedback to get better outcomes; Strike-Spot is for you.  

Easy to apply and use

Simply apply a Strike-Spot sticker to your bat and you’re ready to face any coloured cricket ball or bowling machine ball.

Get yours in time for nets

With winter nets about to start, Strike-Spot is the essential training aid to accompany your kit bat for the 2019 season.  It adds a new dimension to your practice in shot timing; technique and performance, helping you find the middle more often.

Bring on 2019

2019 is going to be a massive year for cricket.  With the county season running alongside the ICC World Cup and men and women’s Ashes, there’s never been better time to pick up a bat again.  Strike-Spot is excited to be part of this exciting year for English cricket.