Strike-Spot has been created to help all cricketers, amateur or elite, young or old, male or female, left or right handed; all to become better batters, and enjoy the awesome game of cricket even more.

The Strike-Spot journey started over two years ago. Drawing on a desire to last longer at the crease, it was on a wet summer’s day in 2016 when that light bulb moment occurred.

With his match abandoned, Simon headed over to the nets for some much needed batting practice. After a series mis-timed shots and nicks to the slips, he retired to the bar for some thoughtful contemplation

“There ought to be some device, gadget or product that would show precisely where I was hitting the ball. I knew I was edging it – that was obvious; but whereabouts on the bat was contact being made?  If I only knew, I could make some adjustments and have a better chance of hitting the middle of the bat more often”

Turns out – there was no such product.

The seed was planted and the idea just wouldn’t go away.  Simon had a desire to create a training aid that would  provide instantaneous feedback on batting performance. It had to be fun to use, easy to use and to not interfere with shot making.  Ultimately, it had to make a difference! And that’s exactly what has been created with Strike-Spot.

Strike-Spot has been labelled “the most innovative batting product in 20 years” by a major bat maker.  Now, whether you practice with a red, white or pink leather cricket ball, or bowling machine ball, Strike-Spot will track every shot. Having officially launched with a feature article in The Cricketer, December 2018 edition and a listing the 2019 Good Gear Guide, Strike-Spot is now poised to become an essential item for every cricket bag.

We couldn’t be prouder to share our product with you.

The Strike-Spot Team