Lappa: Comes from the English ‘lap’, an old term for a stroke somewhere between a pull and a sweep.  What better shot could we have named our primary product after?  A glorious pull or sweep shot is something to behold.  Not as easy to play as it often looks; but that sums up cricket generally.

The Strike-Spot Lappa is the first to market in intelligent stickers and instant feedback products within cricket.

When we invented this product it had to have five qualities, otherwise we wouldn’t manufacture it and go home with our tails between our legs. Our “five-for” were:

1 – Look great (check)

2 – Work with any bat and be easy to (check)

3 – Not interfere with your strokeplay (check)

4 – Show the impact of any hardball, no matter (check)

5 – Any player – pro or amateur, can improve using it (check)

So here we have it – and we think it looks great, as well as doing all these awesome things that make you become a better batter.

With free shipping for the rest of 2018 to the UK, buy one today and be the first wave of customers to try out the newest training aid in cricket.