You can use your awesome Strike-Spot by applying in three very simple steps:

1 – Reveal the sticky backing of your Strike-Spot

Peel the orange cover sheet from the back of your Strike-Spot to reveal the sticky backing.  This is applied to your bat.

2 – Align with the side and face of your bat

On a full size bat, line up the bottom of the Strike-Spot a) across the whole width of your bat and b) with the white line on the side of the sticker approximately level with the bottom of the widest part of the back of your bat.

Using a smaller bat? Align the three white dots across the middle of your bat

3 – Press your Strike-Spot sticker onto your bat

Press only onto the coloured outer layer and smoothing the edge of the sticker over the edge of your bat

When you’ve completed your practice – and after you’ve taken a picture of your awesomeness – gently peel the sticker from the bat and dispose of responsibly.


Important Notes
Remember that whatever you put on your bat is your responsibility and Strike-Spot will not be liable for any damage arising from the use of the intelligent sticker. If you have a bat that’s old, cracked, covered in tape, or otherwise compromised, consider whether to apply Strike-Spot. Strike-Spot is intended for use as a cricket training aid only. It is not intended to act as a protective cover for cricket bats or for us in other sports settings.