Bat Selection

Struggling to find the perfect bat?  Blown away by the sheer variety and choice on offer; then we are here to help.

Using Strike-Spot on any bat, you are able to instantly discover where you are hitting the ball, which in turn makes your choice of cricket bat that much easier.  Knowing where you are hitting the ball will you can make an informed choice and find the perfect bat to complement your game – and in turn, score more runs!

Are you hitting the ball towards the top of the bat?  Then you will need a bat with a higher middle.

Constantly hitting the ball towards the bottom of the bat?  It’s a bat with a lower middle for you.

Always edging the ball – visit our coaching tips page to get the fundamentals of the shot right.

You will be amazed where you THINK you hit the cricket ball, versus where you ACTUALLY make contact. Only Strike-Spot can give you that instant feedback.