Slog sweep

Slog Sweep Coaching Points:

1 – Clear your front leg outside leg stump

2 – Hitting across the line, look to get under the ball

3 – Quick hands through the ball to generate power



Ramp Coaching Points:

1 – Take a big step down the pitch

2 – Angle your bat towards fine leg or third man

3 – Using the pace on the ball guide it where you want



Front Foot Drive:

1 – Head and front shoulder lean into the line of the ball

2 – Font foot steps towards the pitch of the ball

3 – Bat accelerates through the line of the ball



Cut Shot:

1 – Back foot moves towards the off stump in line with the ball, bat is raised to shoulder height

2 – Bat comes down and across making contact with the ball with arms fully extended

3 – Keeping your weight on the back foot, follow through with your swing



Pull Shot:

1 – Head, shoulders and back foot move back and across towards your off stump.  Bat is raised to shoulder height

2 – Front foot moves back towards the leg stump

3 – The bat comes down on the ball, making contact in front of the bod